Rubber Open Mixing Mill For Tire Factory

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  The rubber two roll open mixing mill is mainly used for rubber compounding, mixing and plasticizing plastic.

Working principle and structural characteristics

  The main part of the rubber mixing mill consists of chassis, the transmission part,safety devices, roller temperature control device, universal coupling, emergency stop devices, stock blender and other components.

  The chassis was assembled by a base, left and right racks, left and right covers and other components. There are complete and seperate type of base which are all fabricated.

 Front and rear rollers are the main working parts of the open mixing mill. They are driven by motors, reducers and pin-type universal couplings, and rotate at a certain speed ratio. The roller is made of centrifugal chilled cast iron, hard wear-resistant, roller ends supported by roller bearings. Roller bearing grease lubrication. Bearing holder is made from gray cast iron material, annealed after machining, and with lubrication holes. The distance between two rollers can be adjusted within the specified range.

  Motor is connected to reducer with flexible coupling. Reducer for hardened reducer, dual output shaft structure. Closed transmission. The roll ratio is realized by gears inside the reducer which could be set by requirement.

  Nylon rod pin universal coupling structure is simple, easy to manufacture.

  The two roll mixing mill is equipped with safety device, the security chip damage when overload, in order to protect the main parts are not damaged due to overload.

  When emergency, simply pulling the emergency stop rope or pushing buttons will activate the electric hydraulic brake. The rollers immediately stops and is safe and reliable.

  Roller temperature control device using high-quality rotary joint, according to need, adjust the flow of the cooling medium to control the roller surface temperature.

  The open mixing mill is equipped the guide block at both ends of the working surface of the roller.

  Tapping device has 4 manual cutter or pneumatic controlled cutter.

  Roller bearing lubrication using grease or oil lubrication device, equipped with automatic pump, automatic lubrication. The reducer is forced circulation lubrication with an external cooler and oil filter. Easy maintenance and repair.

  In the lower end of the roller is provided with a plastic spreader to facilitate the plastic spreader.

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