80inch Stock Blender Rubber Two Roll Mixing Mill

Two roll mixing mill is one of the most critical rubber processing machines. MYF is supplying different size of mixing mills to global tire manufacturers. Custom design and components available. Contact us for more information.

Product Details

 Rubber two roll mixing mill machine, also called as open mixing mill, is still a very important machine during rubber processing progress, although it was invented several decades ago. The structure is about the same since then, however, the equipments has been greatly improved by technology development.

 Our company, Qingdao Maoyuanfeng Machinery Co.,Ltd(MYF INDUSTRY), specialized in making reliable machines for tire manufacturers. We published our new generation open mixing mill with our newest technology. Thanks to the new technology, the durability, reliablity, labor requirement and noise control have been greatly improved.

 There are different models of two roll open mixing mills for various purposes. Contact us for more information.