Open Mixing Mill For Reclaimed Rubber / Rubber Sheet Mill

Open Mixing Mill For Reclaimed Rubber / Rubber Sheet Mill
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Open Melt Mill short. Rubber factory used to prepare plastic, rubber or heat refining, out of a roller exposed rubber mixing machinery.

The main working parts are two inwardly rotating hollow rollers or drilled rollers. The device is called the front roller on the operator's side and can be moved forward or backward manually or electrically to adjust the roller distance to meet the operation requirements. After the roller is fixed, can not be moved back and forth. The two rollers are generally the same in size and each is rotated at a different speed. The raw rubber or rubber compound is involved in the gap between the two rollers as the roller is rotated, achieving the purpose of plasticizing or kneading by intensive shearing. Open mill is also used in plastics processing and other departments.

Open mill is an abbreviation for open-type plastic molding machine, in the plastic products factory, people are accustomed to call it a two-roll machine. An open mill is a kind of plastic mixing equipment which is used earlier in the production of plastic products. In the calender production line, the open mill in the calender before the mixer, the role is to mix the raw materials for mixing, plasticizing, rolling calender for the calendering plastic products to provide a more uniform mixing and melting of the melt. When the cable material is produced, the open mill can directly melt the powdery material mixed according to the recipe into a melt material and then compress it into a sheet-like belt to cut the pelletizer into granular form. In the floor leather production line, can be provided directly to Burkina Faso plasticization uniform primer. Can also be recycled waste plastic film (film) in the open mill re-refining back to the system.

Open mill structure is simple, easy to manufacture, easy to grasp the operation, maintenance and disassembly easy, so widely used in plastic products business. The downside is that the workers consume a great deal of physical exertion and need to manually knead the turning compound at a higher temperature environment. However, the number of times that the plastic pieces are manually turned over has a greater impact on the quality of the raw material compounding.


   (D/L)Roll Size660×2130550×1530450×1200400×1000
   Motor Power(KW)220KW90/110KW55KW45/37KW
   Line Speed(M/Min)34.2M28.6M21.8M19.3M
   Front Roll RPM16.51615.415.4
   Gear Ration47/ Dual Output47.5/Dual Output5050
   Roll Radio1: 1.241: 1.221: 1.271: 1.27
   Weight KG4980018500/25000118007500
   Temp. Control                                Steam/Cool wat
   Emergency Stop                   2 foot step on 4 sets of press buttons
   Container Volume55.5m³23m³16m³12m³