STU Motorcycle Tire Building Machine

Spring turn up motorcycle tire building machine, proudly made by Qingdao MYF Machinery Co.,Ltd

Product Details

  Building machine is used for assembling all components to a green tire. There are many factors to affect a tire's quality but the bad concentricity is mainly because of the building machine.

  Spring turn up building machine is widely used to assembly bargain motorcycle tires. It is not a precision machinery compare to bladder turn up building machine, however, its price is extramely lower. This is advantage for bargain tires to which concentricity is not a big concern. And its simple structure determines that it's easy to manufacture, use and maintain. 

  Spring turn up building machine made by our company is highly customizable. Our customers could choose following equipments:

  1. 3-5 servicers.

  2. Large roll tread feeding system.

  3. Specified electrical components.

  4. Other requirements.

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