Spring Turn Up(STU) Building Machine For Motorcycle Tires

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Product Details

Motorcycle tire spring turn up building machine

Model: MS0814/MS1521

The main components of the structure

   1. Drum

⑴ The forming drum of spring turn up building machine is one time inflating type, inflating diameter adjustable. Application:

   Shrink drum: Remove the green tire, put on inner liner.

   One time inflating: Turn up the cord, adjustable range.

⑵ Drum Bs:

     ① All steel type. The BS range of the spring turn up building machine could be adjusted according to specific requirement by replacing the different specifications of the middle of the adjustment block, and also can do some fine-tuning.

     ② Rubber belt type, according to the different width of the tire, adjust the size within the design range.

   ⑶ Drumhead:

     ① All steel type, the drum surface with all-steel surface form. In the spring turn up building machine production process, the drum up drum when the drum groove and the drum surface without spacing, pressure wheel and the tread to achieve full compliance, to avoid bubbles in the embryo embryo, embryo dense firm.

     ② Rubber belt type. rubber belt surface form drum for the gap structure, the drumhead is equipped with a rubber band to fill the drumhead gap and drum with the expansion and contraction.

   ⑷ Cord turn up: the front end of the rod through a spring and ball composition, the curtain can be turned over smoothly.

   ⑸ Turn up bar adjustment: Drum Bs can be adjusted simultaneously.

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