Bladder Turn Up Building Machine For Motorcycle Tire/Scooter Tire

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Bladder turn up(BTU) building machine for motorcycle tire/scooter tire/moped tire.


For building motorcycle tires.

Main technical parameters:

1. Applicable specifications: 10 "-14", 14 "-18", 18 "-22"

2. Drum diameter: Φ274-Φ390, Φ390-Φ490, Φ490-Φ598

3. Drum width: 160-550mm

4. Building drum Shrinkage: Radially inflated drum

5. Cord turn up: bladder turn up building machine

6. Cord turn down: spring finger

7. Spindle center height: 900 or 950mm (according to specifications)

8. Drum speed: Max.227r.p.m

9. Spindle motor: Mitsubishi AC servo motor

10. Bottom stitcher: cylinder lift

11. Servicers: 3 (or 4) plies + inner liner (based on user)

12. Tension adjustable plastic guide, manual brake

13. Ply supply frame specifications of the bladder turn up building machine:

  a. inner liner

(1) inner liner width: MAX.600mm

(2) maximum diameter of the inner liner roll: 400mm

(3) Spindle specifications: 32 × 32mm

(4) cutting slope: 20 ° -30 °

(5) Automatic cutting

b. Cord

(1) Cord width: MAX.620mm

(2) Cloth roll diameter: Φ400mm

(3) Spindle specifications: □ 32 × 32mm

(4) hand-cut

c. Tread supply:

Structure: Located at the rear of the operator

I-wheel diameter: Φ1200mm

Cutting method: ultrasonic cutting knife (or hot knife)

Fixed-length way: servo motor

Centralized way: mechanical centering

Tread width and length: Wmax300mm × Lmax2000mm

BTU Building machien spec.jpg