Waste Tyre Recycling Machine/rubber Recycling Machinery/rubber Powder Production Line

Tyre recycling line is the complete production line of scrap tyre recycling, such as cutting ring, crushing, magnetic separation, crushing, grinding and plastic powder bagging.

Product Details

Mechanism characteristics of waste tyre treatment equipment

1、The overall equipment structure is simple, all exposed type design, modular combination;

2、The control point is less, the electric control method is simple, the data display is intuitive and easy to operate; 

3、Plug-in bearings, prevent the bearing heating and leakage damage; 

4、Multi-layer combined sealing system, effectively prevent leakage; 

5、Hermal expansion design, heat expansion does not affect the mechanism deformation 

6、Equipment failure factors and operational failure factors are very low, 

7、Heating efficiency is not due to the service life of the reduction, forcing energy consumption rise

Detailed specifications

1Ring cutterQQJ-201
2Strip cutterQTJ-3801
3Block cutterQKJ-451
4Loop machineYQJ-2851
5conveyor equipment
6Rubber crusherModel: XKP400/XKP450
7Magnet separator
8electric boult
9Granulator GrinderXFM330