Rubber Open Mixing Mill/rubber Machine/rubber Kneader/reclaimed Rubber Machine

Rubber Open Mixing Mill/rubber Machine/rubber Kneader/reclaimed Rubber Machine
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 The rubber mixer is divided into two types: open and airtight. The open machine is mainly used for the rubber heat-refining, pressing film, broken plastic, plastic refining and mixing, and so on, open rubber machine in 1826 began to be used for production, its structure is relatively simple, modern is still widely used; closed-type rubber refining machine is mainly used for plastic and mixing, it is more than an open refining machine. 


  Since the invention of the elliptical rotor sealing machine in 1916, the closed-type rubber refining machine has developed rapidly in the latex industry, and then the closed-type rubber-refining machine with other forms of rotor has appeared. The rubber cycle of modern closed-type rubber refining machine is 2.5-3 minutes, the maximum capacity of the chamber is 650 liters.


  This machine is applicable for rubber plant, belt factory, conveyor belt factory, rubber products factory, shoe factory, cable factory, Rubber pipe factory, sealing parts and other related industries.

  The machine is mainly composed of one base, frame, front and rear roller, transmission gear, reducer, adjusting device, roller temperature adjusting device, safety switch and electric control system.

  Roller material for alloy chilled cast iron, with high hardness and wear resistance, roll temperature adjustment device, can be in the roller into the steam or cooling water to adjust the roll temperature to meet technological requirements.

(D/L)Roll Size660×2130550×1530450×1200400×1000
Motor Power(KW)220KW90/110KW55KW45/37KW
Line Speed(M/Min)34.2M28.6M21.8M19.3M
Front Roll RPM16.51615.415.4
Gear Ration47/ Dual Output47.5/Dual Output5050
Roll Radio1: 1.241: 1.221: 1.271: 1.27
Weight KG4980018500/25000118007500