Rubber Extruder/rubber Extruder Machine/rubber Extrude Machine

Rubber Extruder/rubber Extruder Machine/rubber Extrude Machine
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  Rubber extruder is a kind of basic equipment in rubber industry. It is one of the key equipments that affect the quality of products. It plays a very important role in the production of tires and rubber products.The development of foreign rubber extruder has experienced plunger type extruder, screw type hot feed extruder, common cold feed extruder, main and auxiliary thread cold feed extruder, cold feed exhaust extruder, pin cold feed extruder, Compound extruder and so on.


  • Optimized design of screw and barrel can meet various requirements of different formulations & different processing conditions.

  • The design of the automatic feeding section is novel and practical,feeding quickly,easily and safe.This feeding design has been awarded national invention patent.

  • With different die heads,it has the applications of feeding,extruding pipes,profiles,etc.

  • With water circulation system for all the material contacted parts.It is also equipped with temperature regulation system to control the appropriate temperature,so that to ensure the extrusion quality & stability from various kinds of rubber compounds.


Screw diameter150mm200mm250mm
Screw ratio53r/min45r/min40r/min
Screw formDouble-head equal-depth and isometry
Length-diameter ratio of screw1:5.144.5:14:1
KW Motor power37kw55kw110kw
Production capacity450kg(hour)900kg(hour)1800kg(hour)
Cooling water pressure0.2-0.4Mpa0.2Mpa0.2Mpa