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This rubber strainer is superior quality, dependable performance. And it is main used for extruding tube, hose. This rubber extruder of hot feeding and single screw extruding, with adjustable speed. Changing the head of the machine can obtain various extruding, semi-finished products and forming sheets and filter rubber for coating. It can be used widely in extruding.

Product Details

Our Machine Advantage:

1. Version: XJL-150,XJL-200,XJL-250
2. Screw made of special steel is with nitrogen treatment, durable.
3. Jacketed type barrel can be cooled for cooling the rubbers effectively.
4. Double head strainer to be quickly and easily exchanged.
5. Smoothly running and high output.
6. Equipped with die-head auto opening system when electric power is cut off.


Screw diameter150mm200mm250mm
Screw ratio53r/min45r/min40r/min
Screw formDouble-head equal-depth and isometry
Length-diameter ratio of screw1:5.144.5:14:1
KW Motor power37kw55kw110kw
Production capacity450kg(hour)900kg(hour)1800kg(hour)
Cooling water pressure0.2-0.4Mpa0.2Mpa0.2Mpa