Motorcycle Tyre Tire Curing Press/motorcycle Tire Vulcanizing Press Machine

Motorcycle Tyre Tire Curing Press/motorcycle Tire Vulcanizing Press Machine
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 Tire type vulcanizing Machine capsules from the tire, the capsule in the central mechanism under the control, after vacuum contraction upward straightening. The opening mode has the elevating type, the ascending and descending translation type and the lifting and overturning type.

  The vulcanizing machine under the action of the lifting mechanism, so that the transverse number is along the wall board of the track for open mode or closed mode movement. When the mold is opened, the upper die with a vulcanized tyre is shifted to the top of the discharge path with the beam rising and backward. The tyre is unloaded, propped up on the unloading roller road or transported to the rear inflatable device for inflating and cooling. The lever is used to prevent the tyre from slipping to the silver road and falling off. The unloading mechanism of the tire is relatively simple. The unloading procedure can be adjusted according to the process requirement. It is advantageous to use "double push Top" in two half models. There are some differences between the mold discharge and the two halves, and the tire is attached to the fixture board instead of sticking to the upper die rim and the tire rod is not unloaded. This method is convenient and reliable, and it is advantageous to shorten the operation period.


Column air bladder type

Tire parameters

10-22" or as required

Max closing force


Cavity quantity


Heating platen diameter


Type of mold


Mold height adjustment


Central mechanism

Standing post

Heating system

Steam/N2, hot water, thermic fluid oil

Hydraulic system

1:6 or as required