Motorcycle Tire Making Manufacturing Plant Machinery

Motorcycle Tire Making Manufacturing Plant Machinery
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MYF-Your reliable machinery supplier for your tire manufacturing process
Qingdao MaoYuanFeng Industrial Group has focused on delivering customized motorcycle tire plant solutions to worldwide tire manufacturers for decades. Today, we deliver a complete solution of mixing, extrusion, tire building, and curing solutions worldwide.

With our latest technology, we invented our PATENT column type hydraulic tire curing press which is perfect for producing bias and radial tubeless motorcycle tires. Our global customers are using their long-lasting MYF equipment to produce high quality and performance tires under the most efficient and cost competitive conditions.

Main machinery:
Rubber kneader
Two roll open mixing mill
Batch-off cooling line
Four-roll cord calender line
Tread Extrusion Line
Inner liner extrusion line
Bead wire calender line
Tire building machine
Hydraulic curing press

Customer service:
Plant Layout Design - We provide FREE layout design for new plant.
Supplier Integrity - 24/7 working machines, extremely reliable.
Plant Installation Support - Overseas engineers available.
Spare Parts - Long lasting parts are manufactured by us, always available.
Maintenance/Optimization - Overseas engineers available.
Worker Training - We provide FREE training for new plant.
Raw Materials - Raw material support from China.

Customized motorcycle tire plant solution.
You have your demand,
We have the solutions!!!