Motorcycle Tire Building Machine /BTU Bladder Turn-up Building Machine

Tire Molding Machine (TBM) is a semi-finished part (such as tread, sidewall, crown, rubber, carcass, etc.) in the process of tire manufacturing. A kind of special equipment for tire production which is combined to form tire embryo according to process requirements. It is mainly used in the forming process of radial tire.

Product Details

The molding machine It is mainly used for assembling and processing various parts such as rubber cord, steel wire ring, tread and so on to form tire billet. 

According to the use of different can be divided into ordinary tire molding machine and radial tire molding machine two categories. 

The whole process of forming a radial tire by a molding machine is called the one-step molding process; the body of the tire is made from a modified ordinary tire forming machine and then formed on the radial tire molding machine, which is called the two-stage molding method.

Structural characteristics: 

  1.The machine is mainly made up of forming drum, down pressure roller, wire ring suction and fixing device, curtain fabric, tread infrared centering device, compaction mechanism, feeding frame and so on.

  2.Adopt finger positive package, capsule reverse package device. 

  3.Having a power drum device. 

  4.The air cushion traction device is used on the cord drum, the position is accurate, the deformation of the curtain tube is small, and the density is even. 

  5.Adopt PLC control.