Motorcycle/Cycle Tyre Making Machine

Motorcycle/Cycle Tyre Making Machine
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Product Details

  Spring turn up motorcycle tire building machine, perfect for building high quality motorcyclcle tires, 2wheeler, 3wheeler tires. 


Structural Features:

1. Forming drum: drum surface using the form of steel, in the production process, forming drum drum when the steel wire trough no interval, the wheel and tread to achieve a full range of bonding, to avoid fetal embryo production bubble, fetal embryo compaction, firm guarantee the quality of products.

2. Tire Shell width: According to the need to replace different specifications of the adjustment block to adjust the BS value, but also to make some fine-tuning, and a machine can be configured with different specifications of the molding drum.

3. Flip cloth: The use of ball-type spring automatic cloth, small noise, smooth cloth.

4. Lower pressure wheel: the use of cross-type pressure wheel to ensure the quality of embryo forming.

5. Edge pressure wheel: The machine is equipped with a set of edge pressure wheels on the embryo edge, and the gap between the cord and the steel wire,

6. Wire positioning: The use of magnet adsorption method, positioning accurate.

7. Electronic control: all PLC sequential control.

8. Supply Rack: According to customer requirements for the design and production of two-storey, three-storey, or four-storey. The curtain is opened and the interlining is coiling, and the brake device is pressed. When forming, the tension is uniform and the quality is ensured.

Note: Motorcycle Tire Forming Machine This unit can be designed and manufactured according to the different requirements of the user. Welcome customers to our factory order machine.