Hight Output Open Rubber Mixing Mill/rubber Mixing Machine For Sale

Open rubber mixing machine is used to prepare rubber factory rubber, rubber or heating refining, drum exposed rubber mixing machinery. The main working parts are two inwardly rotating hollow rollers or drilled rollers. This device, referred to as the operator-side front roller, can be manually or electrically moved back and forth to adjust the nip to meet operational requirements. After the drum is fixed, it can not be moved back and forth. The size of the two rollers are generally the same, each with respect to different speeds, raw rubber or plastic material with the rotation of the roll are involved in the gap between the two rollers, through the role of shear to achieve the purpose of plastic or mixed.

Product Details

Product Profile:
The rubber mixing mill with stock blender is extensively used in rubber products manufacturing factory to get best mixing dispersion of ingredients and raw rubber. Coupled with stock blender, these mills saves labor and increase productivity.

Our Machine Advantage:

1. Stock blender(Optional).
2. Centrifugal casting rolls, equipped with temperature control system.
3. Auto gap adjusting.
4. Hardened reducer, high efficiency, long life and low noise.
5. High strength bearings.
6. Variable speed motor(Optional).
7. Multi-point emergency stop system.

ROLL SIZE660×2130610×1830450×1200400×1000

back 2_看图王_副本_副本.jpgProblems of customer concern:

About machine performance quality
1.       Q: How to guarantee the quality of outsourcing parts?
          A: First choice more than 2 suppler by tender, There are strict system and process for inspecting outsourcing parts. And there are outsourcing inspectors, after inspection, qualified goods, labeling and storage. Not qualified, return.
2.       Q: Which brand of electric part?
          A: Use world famous brands, Siemens, Omron, Toshiba, Schneider, ABB
Customer can specify the brand.
3.       Q: How to control the quality?
          A: There are inspectors for inspecting equipment quality and performance, after assembly, machine run continuously for at least 12 hours at one time, Total running time should be not less than 48 hours.
About installation
1.        Q: When the guide engineer arrive at customer's factory?
           A: If need installation on site, engineer will arrive at factory within one week after machine arrived at factory.
About after-sales service
1.        Q: What is the warranty time?
           A: 2 years after machine arrived at factory
2.        Q: How to solve the problem?
           A: Within one hour after getting customer' problem, inform the solution way, there are three ways for different conditions. 1, Which can be solved by phone or Email, it will be solved in two hours. 2. Which can be solved by Remote Control, it will be solved within four hours(machine is equipped by Remote Network Control Problem). 3. Which need solve it on site, engineer arrive at factory within one week(in the two years warranty date, engineer has the visa any time of the country where the machine.