High Efficiency Two Roll Plastic Open Mixing Mill

Open mill Machine abbreviation. Rubber plant is used to prepare plastic rubber, rubber, or for heat smelting, mold, a roller exposed machine machinery.

Product Details

  The main working part is the hollow roller or drill roller which is rotated inward in two directions. The device on the operator side is called the front roll, which can be moved before and after the manual or electric action level to adjust the roll distance and adapt to the operation requirements. 

  The rear roll is fixed and cannot be moved back and forth. 

The size of the two rollers is generally the same, each rotating at different speeds, the raw rubber or rubber materials are involved in the gap between the two rollers with the rotation of the rollers, and the purpose of plasticizing or mixing is achieved by the strong shear action. 

The machine is also used in plastics processing and other departments. 

Open Refinery is the abbreviation of open plasticizer. In plastic products factory, people are used to call it two-roll machine. 

  The opener is a kind of mixing plastic equipment which is used earlier in the plastic production plant. 

  In the production line of the calender, the function of the opener is to mix and plasticize the evenly mixed raw materials in front of the calender and after the mixer, so as to provide a more uniform melting material for the calendering molding plastic products of the calender. 

  When the cable material is produced, the opener can directly combine the powder material mixed according to the formula into the melting material, then press the material into a sheet shape belt, so that the granulation machine can cut the granulation into the shape of the grain. 

  In the floor plate leather production line, can provide the underlayer coating that mix and plasticize homogeneously for cloth base leather directly. 

  The recycled waste plastic film (sheet) can also be remolded on the starter. 

  The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture, easy operation and convenient maintenance and disassembly. Therefore, it is widely used in plastic products enterprises.