Force Feeding Rubber Strainer Machine With Double Head

Force Feeding Rubber Strainer Machine With Double Head
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Rubber Stainer machinery  is one of the most widely used  rubber industry. It is mainly used in tire tread, gaskets, tape, and other rubber extrusion.

It is energy saving, high productivity , good plasitcization and refined glue quality characteristic.
Usage of Our Rubber Extruder Machine
For profiling of extrudand,rubber covering of filter cable of rubber compound,rubber covering of press and tinsel,etc.

Features of Our Rubber Extruder Machine
1 The machine is equipped with inner tube and tire tread extrusion heads ,and can also be equipped with other extrusion heads as required by users.
2 A machine body temperature measuring and indicating device is installed.The feeding zone over 150 is equipped with side rolls for the enhancement of feeding capability.
3 The screws and bushes are subjected to nitrogenation treatment to get enough strength and wear-resistance.
4 The reducer has a forced lubrication unti,which is featured by high transmission efficiency,long service life and low noise.
5 The machine over 150 is driven by a variable-speed motor.
6 The side rolls are designed as side-open type for easy rubber removal
Technical Parameters of Our Rubber Extruder Machine

Forms of screw andscrew threadDouble-head equaldepth convergent typeDouble-head convergent typeDouble-head convergent typeDouble head unequal-depthDouble-head convergent typeDouble-head convergent type
Screw diameter65115120150200250
Length-diameter ratioof screw44.84.64.434.354.5
Compression ratio

Rotary speed of screw5.2-525.4-545.6-55.620-2622.4-67.219.7-59.1
Motor power(kw)Electromagnetic speed 7.5kwElectromagnetic speed 22kwElectromagnetic speed 22kwmotor commutator18.3-55kwmotor commutator 25-75kwmotor commutator 33.3-100kw
Production capacity(kg50-80100-420100-450700-12001500-22002000-3200
Steam pressure0.2-0.30.4-0.60.2-
Cooling water pressure0.2-0.30.2-0.30.2-0.40.2-0.30.2-0.30.2-0.3