China MYF Rubber Two Roll Mixer Open Mixing Mill Machine

Rubber Open Type Mixing Mill is used for mixing and kneading raw rubber, synthetic rubber, thermoplastics or E.V.A. with chemicals into even materials. The even materials can be fed to calender, hot presses or other processingmachiner3t for making rubber or plastic products. It adopts dual output reducer, the front and behind roller can be driven separately with rolling bearing structure, the roller can adopts hollow center groove roller or drilling hole smooth roller against difference using scope as mixing, refining or press pieces etc. This machine can be installed stock blender according to customer s request to decrease the labor strength, also equipped with safe device.

Product Details

The rubber factory is used to make plastic rubber, mixed rubber or hot-smelting, out of type of a roller-exposed rubber refining machinery.

Mixing mill is mainly applicable for both nature and synthetic rubber. 

1.  the roll is made of chilled cast iron of vanadium and titanium alloy,the cavity machining,the roll   surface temperature umformity.


2.  The machine is equipped with over load protection device ,prevent the major componets from being damaged due to overloading.


3.  The machine is equipped with an emergency brake,wehen the event of an emergeacy,pull the safety rod,the machine will stop immediately,safe and reliable.


4.  the transmission system adopts the Harden Reducer,compact structure,low noice ,high efficiency,long service life.


5.  Roller bearing of rolling bearings ,lubration of grease.


6.  Electrical control part adopts domestic advanced electrical components ,Convenient operation,stable performance.


7.  Adjusttable pitchiis manual of electric adjustable pitch.

(D/L)Roll Size660×2130550×1530450×1200400×1000250×620
 Motor Power(KW)220KW90/110KW55KW45/37KW18.5KW
 Line Speed(M/Min)34.2M28.6M21.8M19.3M15.5M
Front Roll RPM16.516.515.415.419.8
Gear Ration47/Dual Output47.5/Dual Output505050
  Roll Radio1: 1.241: 1.221: 1.271: 1.271: 1.10
 Weight KG4980018500/250001180075003300
 Temp. Control                                                   Steam/Cool water
 Emergency Stop                                                              2 foot step on 4 sets of press buttons
  Container Volume55.5m³23m³16m³12m³10m³
Transmission                                                                              Low noise gear box