Bladder Turn Up Building Machine NEW MODEL

Bladder Turn Up Building Machine NEW MODEL
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Product Details

 New design motorcycle tire bladder turn up building machine(BTU building machine).

  A tire's quality is highly rely on the building machine which assembled all components. As a result, a high precision building machine will improve the tire quality.

  This new design motorcycle tire building machine is based on a radial car tire building machine. It is made to produce high quality green tires. It has some very good features to build a high quality tire with good concentricity:

1. Well made drum and servo motor.

2. High precision low tension design servicer with center adjusting.

3. Large roll tread feeding with auto cutting.


Applicable bead size10-14”/14-18”/18-22”
Productivity250-400 pieces/8hours
Inner liner rollMaxφ400×600mm
Inner liner cutting
Auto heat cutter
Cord roll
Cord cutting
Tread roll diameter
Tread size
Max W300mm×L1200mm
Tread cutting
Drum rotating speed
Max 227rpm

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