Automatic Waste Tire Recycling Machine For Rubber Powder

Tire Recycling Line is a complete line of waste tire recycling operations for waste tires, such as ring cutting, crushing, magnetic separation, crushing, grinding and powder bagging.

Product Details

1. Tire cutting machine: tire cutting machine is the tire excision of the inner ring of special equipment.

2. Tire crusher: Tire crusher is to cut the inner ring after the tire crushed to about 50 mm rubber block of special equipment, after the first crushed by the screening system by the round steel sieve again sent back to the crushing chamber , To do further crushing, in line with the requirements of the rubber block leakage through the round screen mesh.

3. Rubber Crusher: Rubber crusher is crushed by the tire crusher rubber block crushed to 6-12mm rubber particles of special equipment.

4 magnetic separator: crusher from the rubber material under the mouth of the products are: rubber particles, steel, fiber low cloth, the wire can be separated by a magnetic separator.

5 rubber crusher: at room temperature is the rubber crusher processing out of 6-12mm rubber particles crushed into 1-3mm rubber particles of special equipment.

6. Double disc rubber grinder: Rubber grinder is a 5 mesh -10 purpose rubber particles ground into 40 mesh to 120 mesh rubber powder special equipment.

7. Air flow sorting machine: manufacturing air vortex, the rubber particles and fiber separation, and the rubber powder into coarse, fine two sorting by the accuracy of the regulator can be sorted out 40 heads -120 Head rubber powder.

8. Powder quantitative bagging machine: According to the need to achieve quantitative bagging.

Detailed specifications

1Ring cutterQQJ-201
2Strip cutterQTJ-3801
3Block cutterQKJ-451
4Loop machineYQJ-2851
5conveyor equipment
6Rubber crusherModel: XKP400/XKP450
7Magnet separator
8electric boult
9Granulator GrinderXFM330