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Tire Electric Contractor ''line On-line'' Integrated Seamless Docking

Tire Electric Contractor "line on-line" integrated seamless docking
The market and profit space brought by the development of e-commerce attracts more and more traditional industries to join, change the traditional way of marketing and change the profit way of the enterprise. In recent years, a lot of tire companies have begun to test hydropower operators.
Because of the particularity of its products, the tire has long been to take manufacturers to wholesalers and retailers, and finally into the traditional marketing mode of owner users, but this model needs to have high margin to support. In the market competition is more and more intense today, the tire wholesaler's profit has been getting lower.
The traditional tire marketing mode every a agents need to have profits, so consumers pay a higher transaction costs, at the same time consumer information is difficult to feed back to the manufacturers, resulting in the industry information transmission distortion. As the current tire industry capacity increases, the market has entered the stage of full competition, tire wholesalers may be only 2% profit, coupled with the increase in consumer purchase channels, bargaining power, the existing sales model must be changed.
At present, China's tire manufacturers on-line transactions are mainly 3 models, the first is the third-party power to borrow power platform, this is a business model, mainly to improve the brand exposure rate for distributors to provide a certain source. The second is the manufacturer has its own independent network business platform, which is also a business model, electrical and commercial is relatively easy, but the development needs strong brand support. The third is to borrow power third-party tire electric Business Platform Trading Service Center, this business model, mainly for the new brand to achieve manufacturers and terminal distributors docking.