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Talking About The Method Of Measuring The Noise Of The Vulcanizing Machine

Vulcanizing machine at work is particularly easy to cause noise, different vulcanizing machines have different noise standards, and its quality is also a great influence factor.
The installation and basic conditions of the measurement of the noise of the vulcanizer, the fixing and connection of the flat vulcanizer shall be indicated in the manual. The flat vulcanizing machine should be installed on the plane reflector of concrete. If an elastic base pad is used between the machine and its support surface, its technical characteristics should be recorded. All determinations of installation and foundation conditions should be the same.
Weighted sound power level measurement, if the operator in the station to determine the sound pressure level of more than 85dB, then a standard should be used to determine the power level of a power. If practicable, the engineering method shall be applied to each loudspeaker position and the duration of each measurement shall be measured at f. 5 The provisions of the implementation. The measuring surface should be parallel hexagon and the measuring distance should be 1m.
If the curing machine produces large noise for a long time, it should check whether the equipment is faulty to ensure safe production.