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Talking About The Force Component Of Vulcanizing Machine

Talking about the force component of vulcanizing machine
The pressure exerted in the hydraulic cylinder of the vulcanizing machine is between the upper and lower beams.

Vulcanizing Machine Crossbeam:
The beam is bent at work and the column is stretched. The beams and columns produce considerable stress, because even a small vulcanizer produces 2-6 trillion newtons of force. In order to ensure the strength and stiffness of the structure, beams and columns are made into solid. The beams are usually cast from iron. Select the shape of the transverse beam according to the condition of the part and so on. The maximum bending distance is in the middle of the beam, thus the middle stress is the largest.

Vulcanizing Machine Column
The column is made of steel, with a thread on it, and the column is fastened to the beam with a nut. Large Vulcanizer nuts are sometimes made of openings for installation. Column-type flat-panel vulcanizer should be fitted very precisely so that the load on all columns is evenly distributed. In the case of bending and transverse beams in the column, the individual parts will produce dangerous stress and cause damage. The frame type flat vulcanizing machine is fitted with a combined or fully welded frame. The functions of each part are the same as the columns and beams, and are calculated according to the same principle. than column-type Vulcanizer light, can be assembled in the factory, and large column-type flat-plate sulphur machine, columns and beams can be far from the use of household assembly.