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How To Maintain The Rubber Filter

We all know that mechanical equipment has a useful life, if not a good maintenance will affect the service life of equipment, of course, rubber and plastic machinery is no exception. With the continuous development of the society, the application field becomes more and more extensive. I do not know how much you know about the rubber filter, so how to maintain the rubber filter.
1, the correct selection of filter cloth, that is, to consider the clarity of filtrate and to take into account filtration efficiency. At the end of each work must be cleaned once the filter cloth, so that there is no residue on the cloth.
2. Check the sealing surface of the filter plate and remove the residue on the sealing surface so as to avoid leaking slurry and leaking liquid at work.
3, electrical control system such as failure, first cut off the power supply, downtime repair or replacement components. Regular insulation performance measurement of electrical appliances.
4, the new machine installation and use one months should be changed oil, thoroughly clean the tank. After six months to clean the tank, and replace the hydraulic oil tank, hydraulic oil should meet the requirements. The oil surface is located on the central side of the liquid level line.
5, the temperature of the filter material is less than the nominal temperature, general <100℃, the material liquid can not be mixed with easy to block into the feed mouth of sundries and hard things, lest damage filter cloth.
6, the material liquid, washes the water and so on valve please according to the operation procedure to open, closes, do not mix.
7, after the work should be completed in time and as far as possible despite the remaining material liquid.
8. Keep the machine and the surroundings clean.