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Future Trend Of Tire Manufacturers

Future trend of tire manufacturers
Experts believe that the current foreign tire manufacturers accounted for about 10% of the total market, while domestic may be 5% less than, compared with foreign countries, China's tire industry online trading volume is very small. Delticom, Europe's leading tire online trader, was founded in 1999, with 128 online stores, 7,663 service points, 100 brands, 25,000 model specifications in 42 countries, and 2013 sales of more than 5 billion euros. According to this trend, the domestic tire market in the next 5 years can reach more than 40 billion yuan.
With the popularization of mobile Internet and the application of social media, some domestic influential tire companies, distributors and retailers are also groping in the marketing of new communication tools such as micro-letter. Industry experts believe that in the future tire sales, the concept of regionalization will be slowly broken, such as the U.S. tire industry has no regional agents this concept. The channel level of future big brands will be further reduced and the value of retailers will be further enhanced. And thanks to the strong appeal of the brand in the consumer and many brand distribution stores nationwide support distribution and installation Services, strong manufacturer-led platform will be a rapid development. At the same time, the Tire trading service type platform will also have a great opportunity for development, because the Chinese tire factory brand many, weak brands only significantly shorten the channel link to survive and development, which provides an opportunity for the intermediary platform.
The future competition will break the tradition, break through the conventional, the tire enterprise's profit will depend on the business model and the way of thinking innovation, should realize the O2O electricity business mode, namely "the Line + line" the integration seamless docking. With the flattening of the channel, tire marketing will be from high price, high margin to the pursuit of low unit prices under the high market share, many traditional channels and businesses will be the future of the change and disappear, line on-line integration, production and integration, service marketing will be the main way of development of tire manufacturers.