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Development Trend Of Rubber Machinery Industry Market

In the rubber and plastic machinery processing activities, the use of rubber machinery and equipment is very common, their development needs to be based on the development of rubber market changes. So what is the trend of the industry market of rubber machinery? How does the global market of rubber machinery change? Presumably we are also curious, below and small to see the specific content!

Despite signs that the impact of the financial crisis on the rubber industry has stabilized, the growth in China's rubber products has fallen sharply, with tyres bearing the brunt of the damage, down 11.8% from the previous year. At present, the major brands of automation products in the rubber machinery industry have been applied, in order to stand out in the fierce market competition, automation products production enterprises are also surprisingly recruit. Most of the suppliers now look squarely at the simplicity and development of the product design concept, but also to the overall product solutions.

Tire machinery in the global rubber machinery accounted for 80% of the share, showing the global rubber machinery manufacturers to tire industry dependency degree is very high. At present, the automobile industry slump causes the tire Factory project to be quite limited, the 2009 tire machinery occupies the rubber machinery proportion to drop more than 25%. As Governments put in place measures to save the economy, the construction of basic equipment increased, this will lead to the cable, such as non-tire rubber demand, non-tire rubber machinery demand will be relatively optimistic.

Through the introduction of the article, we know the rubber industry's various brand automation trend of people's insurance, the global proportion of rubber machinery declined.