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Brief Introduction Of Rubber Filter

The use of mechanical equipment improves the efficiency of production and processing activities, and plays an important role in many fields. There are many kinds of machinery and equipment, today we are talking about rubber machinery. You may be familiar with rubber, but you don't know much about rubber machinery.
The fuselage of the rubber filter has the spiral water vapor channel, has the good thermostat effect, and has the thermocouple, the temperature measurement and the MV meter display temperature. The screw and bushing of the filter machine are made of high quality alloy steel and treated by nitriding, and have sufficient strength and good abrasion resistance. The reducer of the filter machine is the involute cylindrical gear transmission, the oil pool lubrication volume is small and light. The rubber filter can finish the operation of filtration, washing, sucking dry, filter cloth regeneration continuously. Here is a description of the rubber filter technology characteristics.
1, can continuously complete feed filtration, filter cake washing, suction dry, unloading, filter cloth regeneration and other processes.
2, filter mother liquor and each section of filter cake washing liquid can be segmented collection, and can achieve advection and countercurrent washing.
3, the overall structure of modular design, flexible assembly, easy to transport and installation.
4, the control system application of DCS technology, can be realized on-site and remote control.