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How to operate the mixer safely

1, the pressure out process: This process mainly produces the upper triangle of the tire ring rubber and tire side glue, tread gum three kinds of semi-finished products. This process in the production of semi-finished products in the size and physical property has strict requirements, directly affect the next molding process to make tires quality.
2, the cutting process: the main production of the tire skeleton part of the cord layer and belt layer. The cord layer, the belt layer and so on all have the wire line, they formed the tire skeleton part.
3, forming process: through the molding machine will be pressed out and cutting process produced semi-finished products combined into the shape of tires.
4, add sulfur process: the birth of the tire into the sulfur machine, through a certain amount of time heating, pressure, so that rubber and sulfur chemical reaction, rubber molecules firmly into one, become a truly usable tires.
5, inspection process: In the inspection process of each tire to undergo a appearance inspection, uniformity detection, balance detection, two appearance check, etc. five times inspection.