Motorcycle Tire BOM Curing Press Machine

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Product Details

Double cavity frame type automatic motorcycle tire BOM curing press machine


Frame type steam and nitrogen BOM curing press for motorcycle tires.

Application of BOM curing machine:

Apply to motorcycle tires and agricultural tires vulcanization.

Production range:

1, Supply scope: 8 sets of two-layer BOM hydraulic vulcanizing machine, a hydraulic unit, equipment steam piping, equipment air piping, equipment hydraulic piping, heat insulation board and other related to the machine all the materials, production and processing.

2, Excluding: Foundation, the on-site installation works and materials, the main power source such as steam, water, electricity, compressed air and the connection part of the equipment to operation box and the main control box. The wires, cables, cable trays, the rest of the materials outside the local system, lubricants, insulation, painting and other projects.