Frame Type Motorcycle Tire Curing Press Machine

MYF's first generation motorcycle tire curing press machine has been tested and recommended by our customers. A good choice for high quality 2 wheeler, 3 wheeler, motorcycle tire production.

Product Details

 Qingdao MYF Machinery Co.,Ltd is specialized in supplying rubber processing machinery to customers all over the world. We published our first generation motorcycle tire curing press machine a couple of years ago, which has been recommended by our customers.

 MYF's first generation motorcycle tire making machine is constructed by frame type. High precision CNC machined frame, achieves minimum deformation during curing process. Along with nitrogen vulcanizing air bladder and PLC control unit it will make high quality motorcycle tires for you.

 Contact MYF's sales team for more infomation of our first and second generation motorcycle tire making machine! Not only curing press, we provide complete motorcycle tire plant solutions.

Curing process.JPG