Air Bladder Hydraulic Curing Press

Column type 2 wheeler, 3 wheeler motorcycle tire air bladder hydraulic curing press is our patent product with our latest technology. It is perfect machine for producing high quality tube and tubeless tires.

Product Details

The curing press is one of the most important machines in a motorcycle tire making process. It determines the final product to be a qualified tire or a ungraded. A good curing press will help to bring down defective rate substantially.

Our new model column type hydraulic air bladder curing press is perfect for producing 2 wheeler, 3 wheeler, motorcycle tires and agricultural tires, even implement tires. It is built with our latest patent technology, achieves some very good features for tire manufacturing plant:

  1. Floor erection-saves space and easy to do maintenance.

  2. PLC control-origined from PCR tire curing press, easy to set up and monitor with color touch screen.

  3. Dual hydraulic squeez system-achieves high precision, prefect for high quality tires.

  4. Air bladder and center machenism-origined from PCR tire curing press,wide used technology.

  5. Nitrogen injection system-achieves high quality tire production.

  6. High customizability-could be customized as requirement.