Rubber Batch Off Cooling Machine

Rubber Batch Off Cooling Machine
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  The rubber batch off cooling machine can meet the rubber sheet cooling, slicing and laminating and other process requirements during rubber mixing process, the batch off cooling method could be made according to user requirements with the spray or immersion cooling.

   The rubber batch off cooling line can be used floor or overhead type, in the mixing workshop. After the rubber material is kneaded, the rubber material calendered in two roll mixing mills; the batch off cooling machine can be used for taking the film with higher temperature, splice, compaction, film longitudinal cutting, printing, release agent cooling, air cooling, transverse cutting or folding pile. Has the characteristics of simple and reasonable structure, flexible operation, easy maintenance and installation.

   This model batch off cooling machine mainly consists of the main body and electronic control system. The main body is divided into feeding devices, cooling devices, lifting devices, hanging device, wig-wag device, railings, platforms and other parts. These parts of the batch off cooling machine could be operated with single action or linkage action. (Single action for debugging and troubleshooting; linkage for continuous production) . Equipped with AC variable speed motor on feeding device, lifting device, wig-wag device for easy speed control. PLC control for complete line operation.

   The batch off cooling line could be made as per user's requirement.