Custom Design Rubber Batch Off Cooling Line

Automatic batch off cooling line made by Qingdao MYF Machinery Co.,Ltd. Custom design available.

Product Details

 Batch off cooling line is an essential machine in rubber mixing room for modern tire manufacturing plant. It is used to cool the rubber compound sheet or strip from two roll mixing mill to ambient temperature for stocking.

 Batch off cooling line's key function is to cool down the rubber compound, however, modern automatic batch off line has way many functions than that. It also has longitudinal cutting, dipping, drying, cooling, wig-wag and cutting functions, it can also be equipped with auto palleting system.

 Our automatic batch off line is made with latest German technology. It could be custom designed as requirement.

 Standard functions:

 1. Auto feeding.

 2. Auto dipping.

 3. Auto drying and cooling.

 4. Auto wig-wag system.

 Optional functions:

 1. Longitudinal cutting.

 2. Printing.

 3. Auto girpper.

 4. Auto cutting.

 5. Auto palleting.

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