China Rubber Piece Cooling Machine Batch Off Cooler Line

China Rubber Piece Cooling Machine Batch Off Cooler Line
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  According to the different customer process materials can be divided into suspension and mesh belt type of two cooling units.

  Cooling line uses: combined with the mixer or kneading machine and double cone automatic feeding tablet press or open mixer to form an automatic production line, cooling the film, has reached the effect of continuous production operations.

  Film Cooler Features:

  The cooling unit is composed of a patch device, an isolating flume, a stripping device, a air-cooled drying device, a cutting device or a pendulum stack device, which realizes automatic continuous operation and high efficiency.

  The cooling effect is good, the transverse and longitudinal cutting can be realized, the cutting length can be adjusted, and the smearing agent will not pollute the environment.

  The electronic control system uses the programmable logic controller (PLC), this unit uses the frequency conversion speed regulation, may adjust the speed according to the environment temperature and the craft request.


Max Rubber Sheet Width600800900
The Thickness Of Rubber Sheet (mm)

Linear Speed of Taking-in Sheet11~22m/min0~26m/min3~35m/min
Axial Fan0.37KW  5760m3/h0.37KW  5760m3/h0.37KW  5760m3/h
Swing range and frequency1.3m 10-16/min1.3m 10-16/min1.3m 10-16/min
Rubber strip temperature after cooling≤Room temperature+5ºC≤Room temperature+5ºC 
≤Room temperature+5ºC
Speed-adjusting frequency motor of lifting deviceXWD5.5-1/23XWD5.5-1/23XWD5.5-1/23
Speed-adjusting frequency motor of rubber swing deviceXWD1.1-5-1/87XWD1.1-5-1/87XWD1.1-5-1/87
Rubber bar pitch160 or 101.6160 or 101.6160 or 101.6
Max hanging height of rubber strip1400mm1400mm1400mm