Batch-Off Cooling Line Rubber Machine With ISO/BV

Batch-Off Cooling Line Rubber Machine With ISO/BV
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Product Details

Product Profile:

The batch off is used for cooling,folding and depositing the rubber strip that comes from the open mills or twin screw extruder.

Structure characteristics:

there are two structure types:overhead and floor-standing types,whose hanging racks are vertically truning with compulsive cooling.The rubber strip hanging bar adopts step cylinder or motor-reducer for driving.It consists of mainframe and electrical control sysytem. The mainframe is composed of splicer,printing,slitter,isolation cooling,lifting device,hanging strip cooling,auto wig wag section,weighting,handrail,platform and supporting bracket ect.The electrical control system consists of main control cabinets,and there are emergency stop device in keyareas.

The clients can choose high or low disposition according to the practical requirements.The high configuration batch-off cooling line has hydraulic auto wig wag section,which can speak the rubber strip tidily,the strip tidy ratio≤100mm;there are three working positions for auto entering and outputting of material tray;auto rubber collecting device;auto cutter device;it has high automatization and can realize nobady operating.

Specification Technology Parameter:

Max Rubber Sheet Width600800900
The Thickness Of Rubber Sheet (mm)

Linear Speed of Taking-in Sheet11~22m/min0~26m/min3~35m/min
Axial Fan0.37KW  5760m3/h0.37KW  5760m3/h0.37KW  5760m3/h
Swing range and frequency1.3m 10-16/min1.3m 10-16/min1.3m 10-16/min
Rubber strip temperature after cooling≤Room temperature+5ºC≤Room temperature+5ºC
≤Room temperature+5ºC
Speed-adjusting frequency motor of lifting deviceXWD5.5-1/23XWD5.5-1/23XWD5.5-1/23
Speed-adjusting frequency motor of rubber swing deviceXWD1.1-5-1/87XWD1.1-5-1/87XWD1.1-5-1/87
Rubber bar pitch160 or 101.6160 or 101.6160 or 101.6
Max hanging height of rubber strip1400mm1400mm1400mm